There has never been a better integration! SMS and Email

People have been playing SMS and email off one another for too long. It’s not about which one works better, it is about how do you marry them together to get the most engagement with your customer base? So, we did exactly that! Using one of the worlds most used EDM platforms (Campaign Monitor), we linked SMS into it and the results have been incredible. Now you can build conversations with your clients over SMS and email and speak with them about EXACTLY what they interacted with. It is extremely powerful! Check it out and get in touch for a demo!

Seamlessly blend email marketing with automated SMS journeys, triggering intelligent 2-way SMS conversations when a subscriber reads, clicks on, or even ignores a Campaign monitor email.

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  • Follow up subscribers who haven't opened your email

  • Automatically schedule sales calls for subscribers who click through

  • Rectify bounced emails

Send Sms to your Campaign Monitor lists

Easily send a RunGopher SMS conversation to your existing Campaign Monitor subscriber lists and automatically update the list with any opt-out preferences.

  • “Our ROI was around $6 for every dollar spent, so we’re very happy with that and we’ll definitely be using the system again”
    Wesley Mission

1. Craft your email content

Write a compelling email story to reach your audience.

2. Link Campaign Monitor and RunGopher

Link both platforms in a flash.

3. Create a journey

Craft rules that enhance your emails with seamless SMS interactions.

4. Test

Use the fast-forward function to test your whole journey quickly and easily.

5. Go live and monitor

Sit back and watch the Gopher automate your customer experience.

Follow-up your stunning campaigns with smart conversations today


* The Campaign Monitor integration is free for a limited time.