Conversational SMS Journeys

What’s better than an automated SMS conversation? Lots of em :)

The Gopher integrates multiple SMS conversations into a Journey to create a seamless customer experience.

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Cohesive and Effortless Customer Experience

The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to arrange and rearrange interactions as you need. Segment responses, add time delays, and build the Journey you want your customers to go on.

Build Your Own Solutions

Fancy one of our conversation templates, but wish you could say a little bit more? The Journey lets you combine any of our off-the-shelf templates to form extended conversations. Like building blocks for your SMS marketing.

Conversational SMS Drip Campaigns

Don't waste your time exporting and importing the right contacts from one campaign to another. Use the Journey to set up a drip feed and let the Gopher automate the rest.

In-Campaign Segmentation

Simplify customer segmentation using the Journey. The outcome of each conversation in the journey is categorised: did they RSVP, decline, or say you had the wrong number? Use this categorisation to choose the next conversation they engage with.

  • “Our ROI was around $6 for every dollar spent, so we’re very happy with that and we’ll definitely be using the system again”
    Wesley Mission

1. Prepare your conversations

Pick and personalise the conversations you want to include in your Journey.

2. Link it up

Connect the conversations and add delays between stages to make your Journey.

3. Test it

Use the fast-forward function to test your whole Journey without delays.

4. Upload contacts

Upload your contact mobile numbers via CSV or your CRM.

5. Launch and monitor

Watch the Gopher automate your customer experience.

Intuitive App Stellar Support

"We have also used RunGopher extremely effectively as part of our Peer to Peer fundraising activity, greatly increasing the value of those that received the SMS communications.

The product is extremely easy to use and the Gopher team are very responsive and proactive when providing support. RunGopher will play an integral part in our communications strategy in the future."

Lis Miller, Head of Direct Marketing and Donor Services, Cerebral Palsy Alliance

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