Reed Exhibitions Case Study

The Customer:

Whether it’s in fitness, pop culture, energy, manufacturing, medical services, mining, retail, travel, or beauty, Reed Exhibitions’ focus is on running quality events for their clients - and, just as critical, getting attendees.

The Solution:

However it did not stop there: RunGopher’s greatest asset is our clever AI chatbot, the Gopher, and he’s what helped Reed Exhibitions get the real successes they have. The Queensland Mining Exhibition 2018 was all prepped in terms of exhibitors, but Reed Exhibitions’ greatest asset was their database of past attendees and general contacts. Using the Registration with Email Verification conversation over a few weeks. They not only gained registrations, but also were able to seamlessly update their email database.

Reed Exhibitions gained registrations through the Event Promotion conversation (gauges interest in a sales call to discuss registration for upcoming event) for the upcoming General Practitioners Conference and Exhibition. Reed Exhibitions didn’t lose the power of a personal sales conversation, but still cut down on the time their team spent making calls to unqualified leads, and improved productivity.

The Result:

Reed Exhibitions got cut-through where email just couldn’t - which isn’t surprising when you compare the relative ease of replying to SMS over email. Emails seem like too much effort but everyone checks their texts.

"ROI on investment has been phenomenal, achieving an average of 385% for our event sales."
The Happy Customer

Louisa was so impressed, she integrated the Gopher into every marketing campaign on her portfolio. She also gave a special shout-out to our tireless and innovative support team for their support and guidance in how to create her campaigns (which made them feel extra warm and fuzzy)!

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